• Import up to 100 stops and Dashfly will create optimized routes.
  • Most <em>efficient routing</em> with turn by turn directions and <em>up to 25 stops</em>
  • <em>Drag</em> the address to new a spot on the list to change the order of the stops
  • Keep a running log of all miles driven in <em>one central location</em>.
  • Create <em>optimized driving routes, track mileage</em>, and run <em>audit-able mileage reports</em> for IRS purposes in seconds!

Why Dashfly?

It's the perfect business solution! Dashfly is quick and easy and takes care of all your route planning needs.

  • Increase productivity
  • Get organized
  • Save time, money and gas
  • Available nationwide
  • Extremely affordable

Save Time and Money

"28 years in the residential real estate business in L.A. & Phoenix and finally an ingenious way to preview open houses and show listings. A time saver that has been long overdue that will now let you schedule your appointments in the most efficient manner. 'Bravo' and 'Thanks' "

- David Perry, Real Estate Broker, Walt Danley & Assoc, Coldwell Banker

Be more Productive

"Dashfly is the perfect way for me to get to all my staffing appointments. Its unique features allow me to take notes, keep track of client visits, and saves me hours during the week. I am better organized and much more productive. It's worth every penny!"

- Elise Schachar, Account Executive for Robert Half Technology

Get Organized

"I can't count the number of times I've been turned around while doing my Meals on Wheels deliveries. A friend told me about Dashfly and ever since I've been able to efficiently deliver my meals every week. The Dashfly site is very easy to use and I can have my route, with turn-by-turn directions, created in minutes."

- Dennis Baldwin, Meals on Wheels Volunteer