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Dashfly.com Gains Record Number of Registered Users

Out of the negative economic climate of the last 2 years, emerges a refreshing, successful business start-up proving that there there is still success for small businesses. Dashfly Technologies, Inc. is the parent company of Dashfly.com, a web-based routing and mileage tracking tool launched in early 2008.  Within its first 2 years, Dashfly has gained over 123,000 registered users and is operating profitably.  Their initial seed capital is currently being used for further research and development in to their new enterprise service offering.

This garage based Dallas start-up by two Southern Methodist University graduates rose to profitability in a short period of time due to its unique product and excellent customer service.   Originally designed as an answer to routing and touring issues in the Real Estate industry, Dashfly has evolved in to a robust online route optimization and mileage tracking tool capable of producing IRS auditable mileage reports for small business and independent contractors.

After capturing over 10% of the national real estate market,  Dashfly has now grown well beyond, moving in to industries including pharmaceutical, insurance, home health care, and logistics.

As an answer to requests from large corporations needing a more custom solution, Dashfly 2.0 is already underway and its release is currently scheduled for Q1 of 2011. These new enhancements will include an enterprise offering that will allow a more seamless user experience between Dashfly and other corporate systems.

"I am so pleased with the success of the company and look forward to accommodating more of our corporate enterprise inquiries," said Francesca Allegra Markham, CEO. "After listening to our customer’s requests and feedback, we are excited to launch Dashfly's 2.0 Enterprise Solution."

Dashfly Chooses Improving Enterprises

Dallas, TX - Dashfly Technologies, Inc. has chosen Improving Enterprises to build a user-friendly web-based mapping tool. The resulting product is Dashfly.com that allows users to create optimized routes in seconds. The online tool also provides valuable mileage tracking and expense reporting options.

Improving Enterprise’s team of developers dramatically enhanced the website’s capabilities and features, including the design and patent of a sophisticated optimization algorithm that is used to reroute stops, track mileage, and optimize routes (up to 25 addresses). In addition, Dashfly’s product road map enables users to export their data to portable navigation and mobile devices.

“Improving has played a vital role in our vision to create a simple, intuitive tool that directly influences the everyday life of salespeople by increasing productivity and efficiency of their business. We specifically chose Improving to develop our product because of their technical expertise and excellent reputation”, said Francesca Allegra-Markham, CEO of Dashfly Technologies.

Improving and Dashfly are planning to develop further enhancements at the beginning of 2009. Some of the new features include in-depth mobile capabilities, integration with GasBuddy.com, and iPhone support. Visit www.dashfly.com for more information.

About Improving Enterprises

In 2007, Improving Enterprises, LLC merged with Blue Ocean Group to form Improving Enterprises, Inc., a complete IT services firm, offering training, consulting, recruiting and project services. Combining Improving Enterprises LLC’s close partnership with Microsoft with Blue Ocean Group’s business acumen and network, the companies became a driving force in the Texas technology market. www.improvingenterprises.com

Don’t get lost! New member benefit Dashfly optimizes routes, tracks mileages for Texas REALTORS®.

You may know the fastest way from Point A to Point B, but sometimes--if you’re doing a tour of homes, for example---you need the most efficient route from Point A to Points B, C, D, E, F and then back to Point A.

You can rely on your own knowledge of the area and attempt a best-guess. You can pull out an unwieldy paper map. You can even use online maps to gauge distance and determine what you think is the best route. Oh … and you’ll also need to use your odometer to calculate your mileage.

Or, because you’re a Texas REALTOR®, you can use Dashfly.

Dashfly is an online mapping service that enables you to optimize your routes as well as track and calculate mileage for tax purposes.

Time is money, right? Dashfly’s logical interface makes it quick and easy to plan the most efficient route for your day. Spend two minutes setting up and route and you’ll waster less time on the road---making you a more productive Texas REALTOR®. And since the service can actually decrease the number of miles your drive, your fuel consumption may also decrease.

Other features include the ability to add details for each stop on the routes, re-organize a route, print maps with driving instructions, e-mail the route, and add points of interest, like a coffee shop, ATM, or a gas station.

It’s easy to get started with Dashfly. Visit the Benefits sections of TexasRealtors.com for more information. Standards accounts, which map up to four destinations, are free for Texas REALTORS®; upgraded accounts, up to 25 stops, are available at a 50% discount ($4.99 per month, or $49.99 per year).

*This article was published in the 2010 Texas REALTOR® magazine.